London Escapades (Part One)

London Escapades (Part One)

I apologise for my little break from blogging (you’ve probably all appreciated it to be honest!) It’s been a crazy-busy weekend and when I have been home, I’ve been sleeping/making elaborate avocado based meals. Quite a bit happened and I took FAR too many pictures so for your sake and sanity I’ve decided to split this into two parts!

So I was lucky enough to nab some tickets to The Voice Quarter-Final Live Shows for last Friday, a very exciting prospect for me as trash TV has pretty much been a big part of my life since becoming a hermit. An opportunity to get out of the house AND possibly see some semi-celebrities? Hell yes! 2013-06-07 21.09.42-1

The show was being filmed on the opposite side of London so I thought I might as well make the most of going and get dome proper shopping and friend visiting time too!
While none of my 3 besties had watched The Voice before, they liked the sound of shopping and FREE tickets so on Friday morning I found my self on a ridiculously early train (well, 10am BUT for a student that IS early!) with my friend Emily trying to withhold my major bag envy. I LOVE a good satchel and hers was a gorgeous patent burgundy Cambridge Satchel Company one!

2013-06-07 12.17.40small

We headed straight for Covent Garden and, when we got there, straight for the Cath Kidston store (if you’ve seen one of my recent posts you’ll probably be sighing at me right now…) It is such a lovely store, a bit of a heaven for me! I was VERY tempted by a full picnic hamper but then remembered that I rarely go on picnics and so could not possibly justify spending over £100 on one. I did buy 2 mugs though. One for my housemate as my parents mistook hers for mine when they collected my stuff from my uni house and one for my Mummy as she’s been pretty kick-arse at the moment and I saw here eyeing it up online the other day!

I also bumped into Jordan who had been eliminated from The Voice last week! When I say bumped into, I actually mean I kind of shouted at him in the street, forgot his name and acted like a 14 year-old girl. It was pretty embarrassing but I thought ‘Oh! I’ll never see him again! It’ll be fine..’ How wrong I was!

2013-06-07 13.37.05small2013-06-07 13.45.45small

We were a bit peckish and had to meet up with our other two friends so we headed back to Emily’s student flat in Great Portland Street (oh so cosmopolitan!) to drop off our shopping bits and find a good lunch spot. We all ended up going to Byron for a ‘proper’ lunch which was amazingggg. It’s an old-school style burger joint with quite a few locations across the Capital. It was great New Years Day hangover food and I honestly can’t get enough of their zuchinni fries! It’s a firm favourite on my Posse street. My friend Emily is a veggie too and she said her burger was delicious so and all round endorsement too. We also had a bit of a hottie for a waiter which was a bit of a bonus!

2013-06-07 15.24.10small

Unfortunately we couldn’t stick about as we had to catch a train at 3pm to get to Pinewood Studios early so we could get decent seats. As we’d been drinking at lunch we thought, ‘why not continue?’ and had a last minute dash around the Paddington station Sainsbury’s meaning we had to drink on the train. Classy ladies… At Slough (yes, the home of Ali G), we hopped in a taxi with a crazy Indian driver who didnt seem to mind my friend Ellie’s tipsy banter – ‘Are you guys on the way to The Voice?’ ‘Yes! We’re dancers! Exotic dancers!’ ‘Oh right… so am I!’

2013-06-07 16.00.18-1

On arrival, we parked up at this very glamorous looking car park and it soon became evident that my friend Gar who had sprained her ankle the day before was not going to get around easily. Never fear! A bit of sweet talk and mini-violin playing to the stewards and we were transported around in a golf buggy all day (definitely the way to travel). As the main access to the studio was accessible only by stairs, something both myself and Gar found pretty hard with our matching ankle injuries, we were let in at the back entrance and seated right by the stage. However, as the audience began to pour in, our stand was very empty until some very familiar faces began filling up the rows behind us. Yep, turns out we were sitting in the ‘V.I.P’ seats. Not bad if you ask me! Of course, this didn’t mean I was sitting next to Beyonce or anything but I did get to meet ALL of the contestants who had been kicked out of the show already. AND we were ridiculously close to the judges and performers!

2013-06-07 21.15.40small

All the performances were amazing and my hands have never hurt so much from clapping! It was also really fun having a boogie and having such a great view of the whole show. I didn’t realise how quick the stage turn-overs were and how sneaky they had to be with camera angles! I wont be watching the show in the same way ever again! I also saw Jordan again and got a chance to apologise for being so cringe earlier that day (luckily he didnt think I was stalking him and he found the whole thing funny! Phew!)

After 6 HOURS of filming and chatting and clapping and dancing, it was finally time to head home. Once again, we caught our train last minute and Gar’s boyfriend had to piggyback run her onto the platform (good boyfriend award!) We stopped off for some much needed Maccas at Paddington (we hadn’t eaten since lunch and it was midnight!) and then trailed home to Great Portland Street for some coma-sleeping.

Part Two – Oxford Street Shopping will be up tomorrow with even MORE pictures and I’ll be doing a haul video/post with it (I haven’t decided yet!)

Until next time m’lovelies x


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  1. Jo

    I love the ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ picture!
    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself fully 😉 I have been in the Cath Kidston shop in Brighton and felt all out of place :/ but I still love their stuff. So pretty!

    • mismatchedknitwear

      Haha! Me too! My friend Ellie and I get up to all sorts so I think it’s a pretty apt picture!
      It was fantastic!
      I just love floral patterns too much! It makes me feel girly :)

      • Jo

        So true! Especially the fabrics that CK sell….Imagine the dresses that are waiting to be made?

        Have you heard of Get Cutie? They do awesome patterned dresses made to measure. I can only afford to buy off ebay though :(


        • mismatchedknitwear

          The fabrics are beautiful! One day, I will dust off my sewing machine and MAKE something!
          No i havent! I will google them right after I’ve replied here!
          Ebay is a beaut! I’ve managed to buy SO much nails inc for about half the price :) xx

  2. kimi and me (@kimiandme)

    To say i’m jealous is an understatement, sounds like a perfect day to me! food, wine, oh shopping and then seeing the voice live! I would be the exact same if i saw a contestant, or anyone off the tv (SADO) can’t wait to see ur goodies. My bag post in going up tonight, i’ve been a bit quiet on me blog recently :(

    • mismatchedknitwear

      Haha! It was a pretty perfect day (if a bit hectic!)
      Shouting in his face was bad enough but I then had to see him AND sit in front of him for 6 hours after. Thank god he didnt think I was a stalker!
      Me too! I’ve been a bad blogger! I will be posting later on today (if I finish all my dissertation reading for today!)

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