I had a GREAT response from my Printstagram post! It seems lots of you are fans of Instagram printing and are interested in doing it for yourselves so I thought I’d let you know about some other amazing companies who do the same!

Printic is another great way to get, not just your Instagram but also your Facebook photos printed! As demonstrated in their snazzy video, when you download the app, you can get your photo printed from the moment it is taken! They pride themselves on being the easiest and fastest way to get your prints done. They’re also very cheap considering the quality of the prints and that they’re delivered from Parieee (yes! Paris!) You can also send them to friends with messages on them! I think they’d make a really lovely alternative birthday card/gift or perhaps a way to re-live an awesome night out.

2013-06-05 14.06.14

The lovely people at Printic sent me some free prints and I really like them! They are printed on really nice, proper photo paper in a Polaroid style so you could write your own message on them. They also come in these really cute orange envelopes which I really like. It all feels a bit more personal and ‘homegrown’ (I couldn’t think of a better word!)

The prints also came REALLY quickly! I like the idea that you can order the prints from your phone (though it might be a bit dangerous when drunk!) They make it as easy-peasy as possible! 

They come in just the one size, 3′ by 4′ but I think this fits in with the concept of Printic as simple, easy and fast. They’re a nice size to put in frames or to pin up on a collage (YES! I love photo collages!)

You can download the app for FREE, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

 Hope you enjoyed this post 

Until next time chicas! xx

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  1. supercalafashionistic

    Ohh this is great! Ive always wanted to get mine printed!
    I love you’re writing style, real pleasure to read.
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin & GFC?
    Let me know with a comment and I always comment back.
    Lots of Love from London.
    Love G xx

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