What’s in My Handbag?

What’s in My Handbag?

I decided to tackle this post by blog and by video so I made my first ever YouTube video. I was super nervous (which you will probably be able to tell from my rambling!) but I really wanted to try it out! Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for future videos/posts.

2013-06-02 22.16.21

I was tagged by the lovely Alice of The Cup and Saucer blog to write a ‘What’s In My Handbag?’ post as part of this amazing competition. The aim is to find out the value of your handbag and its contents to make us more aware of how much money we’re lugging around. Not only do I think this is actually a quite important task but you could win Mulberry goodies or Asos vouchers from the lovely FashionPerks ladies if you enter (haha! You thought I was only doing this to raise awareness?!) So I emptied my mess of a bag, started to count up the value of my bits and bobs. I was actually quite shocked!

I’m kind of between bags and I actually have a smaller one I use quite often but I thought a post involving 3 items wouldn’t be the greatest so I brought the big guns out and raided my hefty Cath Kidston bag! I actually received it as a Christmas prezzie but I thought it would be a bit cheeky to put it down as £0 so I checked online and it’s value is £50.

 2013-06-02 18.38.44

When I started taking all my stuff out of my bag I realised how much I can actually fit in it! Felt a bit like Mary Poppins! My purse (also Cath Kidston, surprise, surprise…) was £25 and is probably one of the best things I’ve bought in a good few years. It’s pretty much a brick as I have so many cards in there, including my Young Persons Railcard with was also £25. Unfortunately for me, there is no actual money in my purse (aside from 25p) so I don’t have anything else to add to my total!

 2013-06-02 18.46.25

Next is my make-up bag (yep, you guessed it, Cath Kidston!) I bought it in the January sale for £6 and it also holds a surprising amount of stuff! My compact hair brush and mirror is pretty handy and it only set me back about £3! I also have another mirror (obviously because I love looking at myself so much… Urgh) with came as part of a Benefit make-up set. I don’t know how much it would’ve cost individually so I’m putting the cost at £5.

I ALWAYS carry Vaseline around with me (I’m sure I’m not alone there!) This Rosy Lips tinted one was £1 from Boots. Also from one of my favourite stores is the No. 7 Poppy King lipstick in shade ‘Power’. It’s a really nice day-to-day colour, is really smooth to apply and has really good staying power! It was £10.95 which, for a decent lipstick, is a really good price if you ask me!

Also, I always try to carry around a perfume so I can top up during the day! This one is Benefit ‘Laugh With Me Lee-Lee‘ which is such a gorgeous scent! It was also a gift but according to the site it is £29.50, so that’ll definitely boost up my tally… Also I always carry a spare pair of contacts with me just in case one falls out (it’s happened before and the circumstances were NOT fun) I think a pair is about 70p?

2013-06-02 18.42.33

My sunnies are Primark cheapies I bought for V Festival 3 summers ago. They set me back a whopping £1.50 and I’m honestly shocked they’ve lasted so long! They are definitely on their last legs though.

2013-06-02 18.49.55

I’ve been carrying a copy of Glamour around with me as I like something to read while I’m waiting and I’m a bit of a magazine fiend. It is my dream to become a journalist and work in newspapers/magazines so I’m also counting it as ‘research’! The Ball exercises book was lent to me by my physio and I should REALLY give it back after having it for 3 weeks so I’m lugging it around in the hope that one day I will remember (I wont but the thought is there!)

2013-06-02 18.49.03

My key ring (yes, it’s Cath Kidston) cost £2.50 and the lanyard was one of the many ones I got given free at our Student’s Fresher Fair. I didn’t know how much my earphones cost so I just searched into how much a replacement pair would cost (£1.46 was the cheapest I found).


And finally, the big’un. My phone… I got my iPhone for free and pay monthly as part of a contract so I calculated how much the entirety of the contract is. £648 apparently. Oh and don’t forget my phone cover, £15 from Cath Kidston. Which brings it to £663.

At this point, I was genuinely scared to calculate my total! I couldn’t believe how much the contents would rack up to! Even the smaller things. After I’d finished gasping in disbelief, tried to count it up and then gave up and used my phone my total was:


To put this into perspective, that is 2 and a half months worth of rent for my student house, a flight to Australia or 275 Chai lattes. And that’s not even ALL the stuff I usually carry around. Things like my umbrella, a cardigan, my notebook, my iPod etc are regularly in and out of my bag. To think that I’m carrying almost a thousand pounds worth of stuff on my person on a daily basis is pretty enlightening!

So now I’ve scared myself and am re-assessing what I REALLY need to have in my bag, I am tagging 5 others to do exactly the same! I’m going to pick Hannah, Nora, Magdalena, Jenny, Kimi and any one else who fancies it to do their own ‘What’s In My Handbag’ post! Please send me your links as I’m really nosey!

Until next time m’lovelies xx


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  1. kimi and me (@kimiandme)

    wooo thanks for the tag.love this! I think cath kidston should sponsor you maybe?!? I love how cute the benefit perfume is! (want) It’s def a case of mary popins and how much you carry. :) will be doing it this week. Thank you xx

    • mismatchedknitwear

      No problem m’love! If they did I’d be the happiest girl in the World! It is so cute! I love their style and packaging! Link me up when you’ve published it! I’d love to read! xx

  2. Jo

    I have that vaseline in my bag too. It makes my lips lovely and rosy (which emphasises my lips a bit as I don’t like wearing lipstick!). Mmm, Cath Kidston is GREAT! I would like to invest in one of her bags, or a Mulberry. Ha!

    I may have to count mine up but more than likely it’ll be under £150 as I have the world’s cheapest phone.


    • mismatchedknitwear

      It’s lovely isn’t it! I love it a bit too much! The bags are definitely worth investing into :)
      My phone is stupidly expensive! That was the one that scared me the most! xx

    • mismatchedknitwear

      Haha! I feel like all of us ladies have a Vaseline rolling around in our bag somewhere.

      I’ll be sure to give your post a gander.

      Thanks for stopping by xx

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