August Aussie Favourites | The Oz Diaries Part Three

August Aussie Favourites | The Oz Diaries Part Three

So I know we really are into September now but I had such a great reaction to my July favourites that I wanted to do another one for August. However, this time, as I’m Down Under, I thought I’d give it bit of a twist and share all my Aussie favourites!

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Top row (L-R) – Posse, getting overexcited in T2, St Vincent De Paul charity shops, shameless sunnies selfie

Bottom row (L-R) – chilling with Oski, Kit loveliness, General Pants Co., Boost Juice

1. Fashion for a good cause – who doesn’t love a good charity shop bargain? Especially since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have reminded us how ‘f*cking awesome’ it is! Eager to find some unique pieces (and being on a student budget!), I trawled through several ‘Vinnies’ (St Vincent De Paul is too much of a mouthful for the Aussies!) and found some amazing pieces! For just $50 (about £30), I am the proud new owner of a gorgeous leather briefcase, a pretty much BRAND NEW Country Road cardigan, a Lambswool tartan scarf, a Henri Lloyd jumper and a snazzy pin-striped blazer jacket. To say I’m a happy girl is the understatement of the century! Not only am I happy but I have a clear conscience too knowing that every cent I spent is going to a good cause!

2. Havin’ a Cuppa – living up to my heritage, I have been divulging in plenty of tea since I’ve been here (cue teasing from my boyfriend and his friends!) However, the Aussies are just as tea-mad as us, they just keep it a secret! You want proof? Well, let me introduce you to T2, a tea-drinkers haven with enough pretty tea cups and teapots to make you squeal with joy! They specialise in loose leaf tea which is great as you get to smell all the different concoctions and flavours and, if your lucky, even sample a few while you’re there! While I can’t divulge the details of my purchases (some of them are presents!), I can tell you that I will be looking forward to my morning cuppa even more for the next few months!

3. ‘I’m with the DJ’ – so because I’m so damn cool’n’stuff, I’ve been chilling with some of Australia’s hottest new talent. No, not because they were drawn to my edgy-edginess or shining beauty, but because my boyfriend happens to be friends with them (now it doesn’t sound so cool does it?). PhaseOne is a master of bass and electronic with his fingers in so many pies, he’s pretty much an octopus in a snapback. Not only has he shared the stage with big names such as Netsky but he’s also had tracks released on Universal Music’s labels and has been all over the iTunes and Australian dance charts. Oh AND he’s just 24. Intimidated? Oski is a mish-mash of trap, dubstep and cheeky grins with more energy than a Duracell bunny. His SoundCloud is like a cultural experience going from Reggae to Middle Eastern vibes in a second.

4. My new sunnies – those of you who read my ‘What’s in my Handbag’ post or watched my Youtube video, will know that I’ve been wearing the same Primark sunnies for the past year and that I was desperate for an upgrade. As I was coming to Sydney, I felt that it was time to invest in some decent eyewear. Enter, my Ralph Lauren’s. While I went shopping with Raybans in mind, when I tried these on I kind of fell in love. I love the slighty winged shape to them, the tortoiseshell colour, the tinted lenses, the pastel stripes on the inside. I just love them. Ok, enough about my love affair with a pair of glasses…

5. Get your Kit out! – in Oz, they have these awesome department stores called, Myer (the equivalent to Debenhams or House of Fraser but a bit nicer!). One day, when browsing through the many make-up stands, I came across the brand ‘Kit’. When I say ‘came across’, I mean the stand was so damn colourful and bright and pretty, I was more or less drawn to it like a magpie. After a good half an hour of ‘umming and ahhing’ and smelling their ‘WonderBalm’ about 100 times while my boyfriend stood around like a poor lost lemon, I finally picked this gorgeous nail polish ‘’ from the Kit:Gorman range because I fell in love with the packaging. Give their website a good ol’look over. If you have the power to resist purchasing, you are a strong woman!

6. Hot off the Printing Press – I don’t know what it is about Australian women but they sure know how to rock a trend in about 101 ways. While I’ve been here, I have seen women wearing the most gorgeous printed trousers with hoodies, smart business jackets, pastel jumpers, vests, trainers, flip flops, heels, boots and they all looked fabulous. Major style envy has been a part of my everyday life here! While I know for a fact that I don’t have the right figure to rock a pair of silk prints (as in, my legs would make them look like leggings…), I did kind of fall for this pair from General Pants Co. 

7. Here with my Posse – one of the exciting things I’ve been able to do while I’ve been here is finally meet the lovely folk at Posse. Posse is a social media site that allows you to share all your favourite places and find awesome new places that you’d like to eat, drink or shop at. I’ve used it LOADS while I’ve been here in Sydney to find nice lunch spots in places I’ve never been before. While there I finally got to meet the lovely Justine who I’ve been e-mailing with back and fourth for the last year or so, got to have a sneaky peek at the new and improved App they’ve been working on and they even had plenty of recommendations for great places to eat (obviously!).

8. BOOST – the one thing I can’t get enough off, Boost juice. Now some people would say, ‘but it’s just a smoothie bar! We get smoothies here!’ However mere mortals, it is not JUST a smoothie bar. It is a bar that provides sweet, sweet fruity nectar and only take $6.50 of your money to make you feel like you’re being healthy. Plus if you get a large one, it’s perfect to share between two! I will be missing my tri-weekly dose of Mango Magic or Berry Crush!

I hope you guys enjoy these posts as much as I love writing them (though perhaps next time I will try and keep the post on schedule!) Yes, unfortunately I am back from Sydney but I still have some more of these ‘Oz Diaries’ posts planned so, unless you protest, I will be popping them up every now and then!

Until next time m’lovelies xx


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  1. Sunae

    Hey Jess, I’m an Aussie blogger who just found your blog through The Cup and Saucer. It’s so interesting hearing about Australia from a foreign perspective! It sounds like you had a great time here, and I am glad you share my enthusiasm for Myer and Boost juice. Mango Magic and Berry Crush are my favourites, too! xx

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