Interview | Darlo Coffee Co.

Interview | Darlo Coffee Co.

Ever since I moved to Sydney, I’ve noticed that they’re big on three things. Coffee, wine and start-ups. Darlo Coffee Co.’s Cold Brew is a beautiful combination of the three.

I know what you’re probably thinking (and the people of Reddit are saying), isn’t boxed coffee THE most hipster thing? Yep, in a way it is but I think it’s actually a practical and innovative idea!


The box fits into our fridge perfectly and has been a life-saver in the mornings when we don’t have time to boil the kettle. Also, as things in Oz are finally heating up, a morning iced coffee is actually a much better idea than a boiling cup’o’joe. I’m also looking forward to mixing up some coffee cocktails soon because alcohol and caffeine are obviously the best things to mix!

I love that it’s probably the most Sydney thing around. The beans for the Cold Brew are from the legendary coffee roasters, Single Origin, the coffee is stored in a silver goon bag (YAS!) and the name Darlo, is a nickname for Darlinghurst, where the magic happens.

The lovely lads behind Darlo, Ben and Erol took time out of their suddenly busy schedules (they were recently featured on Broadsheet after all…) to have a quick chat with me about Darlo and the inspiration behind it all.

So what gave you guys the idea for the Darlo Coffee Co.?

We grew up with the smell of coffee in our house and as we grew older we began experimenting with different coffee types, techniques and flavours. It just feels like a natural progression for us to make our own.

How is Darlo Cold Brew made?

It involves a slow and precise steeping process where freshly roasted coffee is brewed over 24 hours in cold water. This allows for even extraction, and for the natural flavour and sweetness of the coffee to shine through.

What are the benefits of cold brew coffee?

Keeping it short and sweet (mind the pun): – it’s natural and refreshing – it’s versatile, allowing you to mix the coffee with ice cubes, water, alcohol, milk or even as an addition into food – sugar free with the brewing process naturally bringing about a sweeter flavour.

How do you personally enjoy Darlo Cold Brew?

Ben – Three ways depending on the time of day. At 8am with a dash of milk, at 1pm on ice and at 9pm in an Espresso Martini.

Erol – I like my coffee strong, I drink it straight. It’s also my ‘secret sauce’ in desserts and smoothies.


Before you set up your own coffee company, who was your favourite roasters in Sydney?

Boutique roasters are a big inspiration to us, with a variety of different places each bringing something special to the coffee scene in Sydney. Our favourite is Single O roasters in Botany.

What are your plans for Darlo Coffee Co.?

Maybe it’s the coffee…but we can’t sit still! We’re always playing around with ideas and new ways to do things. Our brand is really about coffee culture and the lifestyle it brings, that’s what we’re into and we want the brand to reflect that in the future. We’ve got a couple of cool ideas brewing (sorry we had to)…. stay tuned!

Until next time my fellow coffee snobs xx


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