Review | Bloody Mary’s, Darlinghurst

Review | Bloody Mary’s, Darlinghurst

Once again, I apologise for the picture quality. Low lighting + smart phone photography = manual focus issues!

When I recently heard that Sydney had got its own Bloody Mary’s bar and restaurant, I was pretty excited. The hair of the dog, hangover killer has always had a little soft spot in my heart and it has certainly been a while since I’ve had a seriously GOOD one. Last Friday night, the time finally came to make the pilgrimage down to Darlinghurst to check the place out for myself and I am incredibly happy that I did.


We were met with a warm welcome by a baseball cap-clad Jeremy who gave us a quick tour of the place and took our drink order before we’d even sat down (in other words, my kinda guy!) The place is split into three – a relaxed bar out front with two seater tables, a restaurant in the middle for groups and then an awesome looking outdoor/garden area with benches, heaters and plenty of shrubbery to keep things private from the outside world. You honestly wouldn’t know that we were just a stones throw away from the Cross!



Drinks wise, we went straight for the biggest and baddest – a Bloody Hell made with chilli infused vodka and served with a huge stick of celery, a shrimp, slider and buffalo wing on a stick ($25) and a Bloody Caeser made with clamato juice, lettuce, shrimp and some crispy bacon ($22). Certainly not for the faint-hearted!



While we were sipping (and nibbling) away at our awesome bevvys, some pretty funky looking share plates arrived at our table. The jalapeno poppers ($9) didn’t have much of a ‘pop’ to them but the guacamole with bagel crisps ($11) were quite a show. The guac was kooky and delicious and, having never had bagel crisps before, they were quite the novelty!



When we were half-way through our starters, my boyfriend admitted that he was actually starting to feel full already. Having had a pre-starter in our drinks and then pretty large-sized share plates, I was also feeling pretty satisfied.

Nevertheless, we soldiered on (poor us, I know!) and, at Jeremy’s recommendation, got stuck into a Cancun – a Bloody Mary with a Corona flipped upside down in it ($22). This was a bit of relief from the spicy bite that the Bloody Hell and Caeser had had and was a great accompaniment to our mains. Plus, any drink that is technically two drinks in one is a winner in my eyes!


Our mains were polar opposites. The boy grabbed a wildly nostalgic Spam burger ($16) while I went for the catch of the day with coleslaw and aioli ($24). You probably just re-read that and thought, fish? At an American bar? I was surprised too, having initially written Bloody Mary’s off as another burger’n’beer (or bloody mary) bar but the menu is actually amazingly versatile and varied.



While the epic proportions of the Spam burger proved too much for us (though it was damn delicious!), the barramundi was a total winner. The fish was perfectly cooked and the aioli and coleslaw were lovely and soothing after all the spice. If you’re looking for something a bit more foodie and refined, they also have steaks and a crab linguini for you to sample.

Unfortunately we were officially defeated by the food and drinks (and the stacks of celery) to manage a dessert, even though they had New York cheesecake and pecan pie on the menu – give me mercy!

Although I felt ready to burst, I was really impressed with Bloody Mary’s. There’s certainly more to the place than meets the eye and as we were bopping along to the awesome playlist and sipping on our crazy bevvys, everyone seemed to be having a great time. There were girls having some end-of-week drinks, a couple on a date, a rowdy table of guys getting some burgers and, as we left, a group of grey-hairs with a twinkle in their eye (probably from all the vodka…) They’ve done a great job of creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere in the evenings and, for the morning after, their brekkie menu looks like it it’s saved a few people’s days.

If you’re brave enough to tackle the menu, make sure you come on an empty stomach or (my personal fave), arrive at lunchtime and turn your trip into an all-dayer. Also, eat all the celery – it’s a great palate cleanser!

Where have you had a great Bloody Mary? Did it have a burger in it?

Until next time my fellow foodies (and drunkys) xx

We were guests of Bloody Mary’s but all views are my own.

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