Glamping in Australia

Glamping in Australia

Fancy spending a night in a treehouse in the middle of the Blue Mountains? What about a London Bus in the Australian bush?

As fond as my childhood memories are of camping (many of which involve saving 20p’s for the shower block and eating tins of ravioli), nowadays, people are really stepping up their game and wet nights spent in a muddy field are becoming a thing of the past. That’s right folks, it’s all about glamping now!

GlampingHub has a fantastic collection of luxury camping destinations around the Globe and, after showcasing some of the best glamping spots in America, Canada and Europe, have come Down Under to find even more unique properties for adventurous travellers.

Just having a sneaky peek at the properties they have close to Sydney, there’s already so many awesome properties that I want to stay at. This treehouse has crazy stunning views of the Blue Mountains and all the amenities you’d expect and more (jacuzzi anyone?)



There’s also this ‘love cave’ that you can hole up into for a few days with a wood burning stove to keep things toasty.



However, the place that really caught my eye was this amazing London Bus perched on a hilltop in Bathurst. As well as it being a novelty, the owners have kitted out the bus with a full one bathroom, kitchen and bedroom as well as a BBQ deck for guests to enjoy. That paired with incredible views in every direction, make this my next getaway! Keep your eyes and ears peeled!


Have you ever been glamping?

Until next time m’lovelies xx

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