Review | Stain Cafe, Hunters Hill

Review | Stain Cafe, Hunters Hill

Having recently moved to Alexandria (feel free to stalk me now…), the city is so crazy close that I haven’t felt the need to venture north of the harbour in a long, long time. That was until I was tempted across the water with the promise of amazing breakfast.

It was a totally idyllic sunny Saturday morning when we arrived at Stain @ The Hill. From the totally calm demeanour of the staff it was obvious that it wasn’t just the great weather or weekend that made them so popular and that they were always busy. We found a comfortable seat near the back of the cafe and soaked it all in.



There’s some fantastic artwork on the wall, a large distressed mirror opening up the space and the kitchen is slightly hidden behind a worn wood cabinet. It’s kooky and homey but not to an overly hipster level. It just makes for a cosy and welcoming space.



We grabbed some coffee ($4) and, giving into peer pressure from fellow customers, grabbed one of Stain’s juices ($6) which was deliciously minty. As we sipped away and did some people watching, it was obvious that, despite the slightly awkward name, the cafe has been a real hit with the locals. A few couples popped by to have a chat with the staff before asking for ‘the usual’ and grabbing a seat in the sun while there were more than a few dog walkers nipping in for a coffee to go during their Saturday morning strolls around the area.



Having had my fair share of Sydney breakfasts, I was happy to find some menu items that didn’t involve smashed avocado. While they’ve got some staple dishes like a Big Breakfast ($18.50) and French Toast ($13.50), I had heard fantastic things about their eggy creations so I went for the Pan Baked Eggs ($17).


Oh wowee. So many things were right with this dish. I loved that it was served in the actual pan, the Middle Eastern spices were lovely and aromatic, something I’d never experienced in a breakfast and there were some very generous chunks of chorizo. Although I love sourdough, I didn’t even finish the bread because I was so into the eggs.


My boyfriend was intrigued by the Bacon Benedict ($16.50) having never had hollandaise sauce before and, more temptingly, it had the word ‘bacon’ in the title.


It was served in this gorgeous red ceramic bowl which complemented the yellow hollandaise and green rocket leaves beautifully. In addition to being totally Instagram-worthy, it was also pretty tasty and a great little dish to have as your first benedict. While my boyfriend was able to nab a piece of my leftover sourdough toast to mop up his leftover sauce, the dish doesn’t come with any toast and he mentioned that it would’ve been nice to have a slice to accompany the eggs.

Our visit to Stain Cafe was a great start to our weekend and overall we had a fantastic meal. I really loved that they had a classic cafe vibe and all the staple dishes down but weren’t afraid to add some unique menu items and try something new and seasonal. In a city were breakfast is king, Stain is definitely offering something different and doing it well.

Have you had a great breakfast recently? Where was it?

Until next time lads and lasses xx

We were guests of Stain @ The Hill but all opinions are my own



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    • mismatchedknitwear

      It really was! Haha, at least you get to sample their eggs and juices :) are there any good veggie places that you’d recommend? xx

    • mismatchedknitwear

      Thanks Fatima! The food and ceramics were so colourful, it was a really lovely start to the day. That’s so nice to hear, I’m trying to improve my photography skills! xx

    • mismatchedknitwear

      I know, right? As someone who can be a messy eater, it was a bit of a godsend and it looked great on the plate/slab. Thanks for stopping by Shann! xx

  1. Elizabeth

    lovely review! aren’t you glad you wandered north now? ;). I am one of those locals who visits daily for at least a coffee…sometimes just to say hi! My decadent dish is the benedict and of course the reasons I love it is the thick potato rosti under the whole wonderful thing which means my gluten free requirements are met without feeling sacrificed or compromised…deeeeelishiousooooo

    • mismatchedknitwear

      I am indeed! I feel like you haven’t seen Sydney properly unless you wander out into the suburbs and have an explore. Sounds great! I would love to have them as my local coffee and brekkie spot, I’m insanely jealous right now :)

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